Meet some of the amazing people Tiffany has had the privilege to work with and what they have to say about their experiences in yoga, personal training, or health coaching.



"My yoga lesson with Tiffany was awesome. I had a list of poses that I feel like I sort of neglect in my practice, and I wanted to know where I should be putting more thought into them. She had all the answers to my questions, but she was also able to offer some insights I hadn’t expected and connect the dots between a number of poses. It was fun integrating those tips into my practice.


In particular, she suggested that I lower the padding under my heels a bit in pasasana to protect my knees, and that I lift up out of my arms/elbows more in headstand to protect my neck...her lesson helped to make sure I was approaching poses safely, and that’s particularly important feedback now that we’re practicing on our own at home."  



"I am so grateful to have found Tiffany! I have been struggling my whole life with digestive issues and self-worth. Tiffany created a specific Ayurveda protocol for my dosha which has helped these areas and many others! 


The dry brushing is helping with recovery from hard bicycle rides, the specific meditations are bringing more mindfulness, the oils are helping my self-esteem, the tea, herbs, and nutrition plan are improving my digestion. I am getting way more benefits than I ever imagined! I wish I found Tiffany decades ago!"

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"Love, love, love Tiffany's yoga! It's not slow and boring and helps me stretch out all the things that help me to become more limber which helps me with CrossFit, weightlifting, and daily life. 

Tiffany has a great approach to all fitness levels and really accommodates whether you're an expert or novice. I would highly recommend!"



"I attended a 6 week health coaching course with Tiffany, which was very eye opening. During this course, I started dry brushing, drinking the Wimtastic Wellness Athletic Blend herbal tea, along with a few other daily rituals.  As an avid CrossFit athlete, this made me feel renewed and connected with by body, while helping with soreness and recovery."