Tiffany Wimmer  -- Bryan Edward Creative

We all are all athletes in one way or another as we work to improve our physical health through areas such as strength, flexibility, and stamina. Some of us are weekend warriors, some are runners, yogis, weightlifters, or CrossFit athletes. Competitive or non-competitive, natural and holistic living practices help us enhance our fitness experience. As a CrossFit and Weightlifting Coach and NASM Personal Trainer, Tiffany can help guide you in not only your fitness goals, but also through achieving your highest level of overall wellness through the system of Ayurveda. 



Achieve fitness goals through private or small group training.  Work with Tiffany on functional fitness, gymnastic skills, yoga and weightlifting with the one-on-one attention you desire. 

Tiffany is a versatile trainer using her CrossFit, weightlifting, and yoga backgrounds to guide clients during face-to-face or virtual training sessions. 


Through one-on-one sessions with Tiffany, learn the system of Ayurveda and how to use Ayurvedic principles to enhance health and well-being. 


Learn to dial in your nutrition based on your Ayurvedic profile, daily routines to aid in recovery, herbs to assist you in your fitness efforts, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  



Herbal teas and body oils are handmade with the most natural ingredients as possible. Wimtastic Wellness products are free from additives, chemicals, colors, and other unnecessary additives. 

If you're an interested in skipping workout or health supplements with questionable ingredients for a more natural approach, you will appreciate the subtle support of these products.